Infusions services offered in Cranston, RI

If you have a rheumatic illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis or vasculitis, biologic infusions can reduce inflammation and help relieve uncomfortable symptoms. At RI Rheumatology, in Cranston, Rhode Island, triple-board-certified rheumatologist and internal medicine physician Deepan Dalal MD, MPH, RhMSUS, and his team regularly prescribe biologic infusions to adults. The in-house infusion center provides outpatient treatment using various biologic drugs. Call RI Rheumatology to request an infusion consultation or book one online today.

What are biologic infusions?

A biologic infusion is an outpatient procedure that treats arthritic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or vasculitis. 

During treatment, the RI Rheumatology team administers powerful anti-inflammatory drugs intravenously (through a needle and into a vein in your arm). An infusion lets the medication bypass your digestive system, allowing for greater uptake by your cells. The more medicine your cells can absorb, the more your body benefits.

RI Rheumatology has an onsite infusion center equipped with the latest in biologic infusions to conveniently support your infusion needs.

Are there different types of biologic infusions?

The RI Rheumatology team offers several biologic infusions, including:

Tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF) inhibitors

This infusion helps manage inflammatory autoimmune arthritis. It relieves swelling promptly and reduces the risk of long-term joint damage.

B-cell inhibitors

The RI Rheumatology team might recommend a B-cell infusion if you have lupus. Often, it’s combined with other treatments, such as corticosteroid injections, to provide optimal results.

Interleukin inhibitors

Drugs in this class target inflammatory proteins your white blood cells produce. The RI Rheumatology team uses interleukin infusions to treat psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Who can benefit from treatment with infusions?

You might benefit from infusion treatment if you have rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or vasculitis and it doesn’t respond to healthy lifestyle changes or conservative treatments, such as losing weight, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and taking oral medications. 

After a review of your medical records, discussing your symptoms, and a physical exam, the RI Rheumatology team makes personalized treatment recommendations.

Who shouldn’t be treated with biologic infusions?

Biologic infusions are safe and usually well-tolerated, but they aren’t for everyone.

The RI Rheumatology team may recommend a different treatment approach if you have an underlying medical condition like multiple sclerosis or congestive heart failure. In these cases, biologics present certain risks that might outweigh the benefits of treatment.

How often will I need infusions?

The RI Rheumatology team typically recommends three biologic infusions during the first six weeks of treatment, followed by supplementary infusions every eight weeks. That said, everyone’s treatment schedule varies. To ensure a positive outcome, follow your provider’s instructions and attend each of your scheduled checkups. 

Call RI Rheumatology today to see if you’re a candidate for biologic infusions, or make your appointment online today.